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manimo weighted
plush animals

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It’s comforting to fall asleep with a manimo on your tummy!

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It’s easier to concentrate with a manimo on your legs!

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It’s fun to calm down with a manimo on your shoulders!


manimo weighted plush animals are soothing companions for children and invaluable helpers for parents.

  • They bring comfort
  • They help children pay attention and focus
  • They calm excess energy

These adorable animals are a comfort to children both in times of stress and when relaxing. They help develop the imagination and are always happy to get a big hug.

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  • I am an educator and I have seen so many children change behavior with these little animals. It’s a great product that helps children with their challenges that they must live every day.

    - Isabelle P.
  • My 9 year old son cannot sleep without his blue lizard. His brother and sister can’t touch it. When he goes to sleep, I place the lizard on his belly, the head of the lizard in the hollow of his neck and he falls asleep peacefully. I bought him a manimo last March when we learn of his ASD. During school exams, he brings it and places it on his lap in order to decrease his anxiety and it works wonderfully.

    - Katherine C.
  • My son has difficulty channeling his energy and relaxing, his manimo helps him to focus. The weight of the manimo is a similar sensation of mom and dad arms around him. He also loves to play with it. In short, it’s an essential at home!

    - Myriam L.
  • I am a special education teacher and I have seen a lot of children attach themselves to these little animals. Many could no longer live without them because they represent more than a weighted animal to calm down, it became their daily accomplice! I managed to make magical interventions with students in crisis thanks to these amazing animals.

    - Amélie T.
  • In fact, I need and use my weighted lizard. I use it at work to allow myself to stay focused when I have to produce reports. I put it either on my thighs or around my neck. I must admit that at work I have to share it with some colleagues.

    - Médérika F.
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What is
a manimo

manimo weighted animals are a sensory tool that healthcare professionals (occupational therapists and psychoeducators), special educators, parents and teachers have been requesting for a long time. They help children with or without learning difficulties cope with day-to-day situations. Calming, comforting and centering, the manimo animals help children reach their full potential.

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