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The manimo effect seems magical, however, it is based on “Deep Touch Pressure (DTP)”, Deep Pressure Therapy. Because of its weight, manimo provides proprioceptive sensory stimulation, i.e., deep pressure exerted on the region of the body where it is placed, which has a calming effect by regulating the central nervous system.  

Physical well-being affects the mind through increased secretion of the brain neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin.  

manimo brings comfort in an anxiety-provoking situation, soothes excess energy, helps to concentrate better and to position the body in space.  

Although the therapeutic benefits have been demonstrated many times in the medical literature, manimo is the only weighted plush that has been studied to prove its benefits scientifically. In September 2020, fdmt commissioned a specialized firm to carry out a biometric and behavioural study. This study made it possible to measure the emotional and cognitive effects of manimo on users subjected to different scenarios. 

Some examples of its daily use: 


› Decrease motor restlessness and excess energy. 

Example: place the manimo on the shoulders or on the thighs, which will satisfy the need to move. 



› Optimize concentration during cognitive activities (work, homework, games). 

Example: in a seated position, place the manimo on your legs and press it with one hand, as if giving it a massage. 



› Maximize a moment of relaxation or meditation, thanks to full body awareness. 

Example: place the manimo on a part of the body and become aware of the weight of the plush. Observe and feel the benefit it provides. 



› Help empty oneself, perfect for a return to calm or preparing for sleep. 

Example: lay the manimo on your chest or hold it against you, for a feeling of well-being conducive to relaxation. 



Improves concentration and attention

Stress management

Helps with anxiety and stress management

Promotes calm

Promotes calm and sleep