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Did you know that manimo is the only scientifically proven weighted plush?

Although the therapeutic benefits have been repeatedly demonstrated in the medical literature, manimo is the only weighted companion that has been studied to scientifically prove its benefits.  

In september 2020, fdmt appointed a specialized firm to perform a biometric and behavioral study. This study allowed us to measure the emotional and cognitive effects of manimo on 40 users who were subjected to different scenarios.

Get to know them!

manimo are weighted animals that provide proprioceptive sensory stimulation for young and old, with a calming effect on the mind and body.

In anxiety-causing situations or times of stress, they can bring comfort and a feeling of calmness. manimo are also known to promote attention and concentration during learning and cognitive tasks.

Who is it for?

Anyone can use a manimo! Recommended from 3 years old, it will provide many benefits at home, school, daycare, work or any other place.

Did you know they are often used with children with attention deficit disorder – with or without hyperactivity (ADHD, ADD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or anxiety? Originally designed for this clientele, these weighted animals can be of great benefit to everyone, regardless of age
or diagnosis.

How does manimo work?

Based on the scientific approach of sensory integration, the manimo provides proprioceptive sensory stimulation; in other words, a deep pressure applied on the region of the body where it is placed, which has a calming effect on the central nervous system.

manimo provides comfort in an anxiety-provoking situation, soothes excess energy, helps you concentrate better, and positions your body in space.

The results are as follows:
› Increased body awareness.
› Manages energy and motor restlessness.
› Helps with focus and concentration.

How is it used in everyday life?

This is how, in a concrete way, the manimo can help in your everyday life:
› Reduce motor restlessness and excess energy.
For example: place the manimo on the shoulders or on the thighs, which will satisfy the need to move.
› Optimize concentration during cognitive activities (work, homework, crosswords, etc.)
For example: in a seated position, put the manimo on the legs and press it with one hand, as if giving it a massage.
› Maximize a moment of relaxation or meditation, thanks to full body awareness
For example: put the manimo on a part of the body and become aware of the weight of the animal. Observe and feel the benefit that this provides.
› Helps to clear the mind – perfect for returning to calmness or preparing for sleep.
For example: spread the manimo on the chest or hug it against you for a feeling of well-being, conducive to relaxation.

How to clean it?

Simply hand wash gently with cold water and mild soap. Dry it flat.

How to choose the right manimo?

manimo is recommended from 3 to 100 years old. Due to the weight of the animal, 15 to 20 minutes sessions are optimal. The sensory benefits can last between 1 and 2 hours.

The weight of the manimo should be approximately 10-12% of the user’s weight. Of course, the comfort and person’s needs are always a priority.